2021-2022 Ski Collection WOMEN

G-Fides Jacket

GW11351P ¥86,000.00(Import duty included)

Round A-line down jacket for ski. The item is designed to fit loose with an unique collar and hood style that stands wide.

  • GORE-TEX 2L stretch
  • Shaped baffle technology maintains the even distribution of down.
  • Relaxed fit

Melissa Jacket

GW11361P ¥69,000.00(Import duty included)

Athena Jacket

GW11360P ¥71,000.00(Import duty included)

Athena Pants

GW31354P ¥46,000.00(Import duty included)

  • GORE-TEX 2L stretch
  • Primaloft Black maintains the loft even when wet.

Albireo Jacket

GW11353P ¥63,000.00(Import duty included)

Albireo Pants

GW30351P ¥40,000.00(Import duty included)

  • Made with 4way stretch material.
  • Insulated with soft heat-ball that maintains its heat-retaining ability even when wet.

Iris Multi-color Jacket

GW11363AP ¥51,000.00(Import duty included)

Iris 2-tone Color Pants

GW31361AP ¥35,000.00(Import duty included)

Charis Down Jacket

GW11352P ¥69,000.00(Import duty included)

Stylish down jacket for ski that offers both the stunning silhouette and technologies required for skiing.

  • Made with 4way stretch material.
  • Soft heat-ball is used for the hood that tends to get wet from snow.
  • Detachable hoody
  • Slim fit